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Listen up men,as we age our bodies begin to change and for most men, we might begin to feel depressed and have a decreased sense of personal well-being. We might notice an increase in our body fat with less motivation to work out because the results just aren’t what they used to be. Many of us find it difficult to concentrate and even begin to lose sex drive, experience erectile dysfunction and worse, negative changes in cholesterol levels, bone mass, and hair loss.

Essentially guys, these are the symptoms or feelings of aging in our body that represent dozens of potential health conditions. Many of these conditions are easily treatable and some can be life threatening.  So, does that mean we have no choice but to lay down, take it and feel old? We don't have to! At Epoch Health we will screen you for a myriad of the conditions that lead to these symptoms with the goal of correcting your deficiencies and optimizing your daily performance.

​​Among other issues, many of our patients suffer from Low Testosterone levels. Our therapies utilize the medicine of healthy aging that can help you maintain or regain the vitality of your youth and improve the quality of your life. In most men, the amount of testosterone (or T) in our bodies naturally declines. For many of us, this gradual decline usually starts after age 30 and continues throughout our life. The only way to know if you're suffering from a treatable condition or simple lack in testosterone is to start your research, get your levels checked and let our Epoch Team backed by more than a dozen board certified urologists, flight surgeons and pathologists help you determine if our treatments or testosterone therapy is the right choice for you.

We want you to learn more about Epoch Health's treatments and our testosterone therapy. This site is designed as a resource for you to get the facts on low T, check your symptoms and to contact us so you can make plans for a consultation.

General questions and answers about  testosterone, our clinic and Epoch's therapy.
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